damages to claim from wildfires

What Damages To Claim After Wildfire In Your Area

California is experiencing more wildfires year after year. While everyone hopes to never be in the path of a raging inferno, it’s best to stay prepared. If your house is in a fire-prone area, verify that your homeowner’s insurance will cover any fire or smoke damage to your property. Just as important, learn how to… Read More

Wildfires Cause In California

The Cause Of California’s Massive Wildfires

California wildfires are on the rise. In just the first half of 2021, the Golden State experienced over 4,900 fires and lost over 142,000 acres of land. So what is the cause of California wildfires today than a decade ago, and how is it affecting the state? Let’s find out. Main Factors Fueling California’s Wildfires… Read More

Fire Claim

Fire, Smoke, Ash, and Soot Damage – How to File An Insurance Claim

In 2020 alone, California experienced nearly 10,000 fires that destroyed over 4.2 million acres and thousands of houses. If you live in a fire-prone part of the Golden State, you must know how to file fire insurance claims for lost personal property. The typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers fire and smoke damage. However, your insurer… Read More

Smoke From Fire

Can I Claim for Smoke Damage?

By the month of July, California had already experienced 4,991 fires in 2021. The smoke, soot, and ash from these fires cause damage to properties and health issues among Californians. If you live in an area affected by a recent wildfire, you can submit a smoke damage claim to your insurer. But before you ask… Read More