Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles County

There are a wide variety of vehicles traveling the roads across the United States, and some of those vehicles are large trucks. When an accident occurs and it involves a large truck such as a semi or tractor-trailer, the resulting effects can be catastrophic and devastating for all those who are injured. It is important that injured parties of a truck accident find a truck accident lawyer to fight for the compensation they deserve from the driver of the truck and the insurance company representing the driver and/or the trucking business.

Because large trucks like 18-wheelers are often driven by individuals working for a trucking company that has its own insurance, the legal battle can be fierce, complicated, and overall challenging. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to settle with injured parties for as little compensation as possible, but those who have sustained the injuries should know that their pain and suffering are worth more. If you have been involved in an auto accident with a semi truck, tractor-trailer, or other kind of large truck (weighing over 10,000 pounds), contact the experienced and skilled truck accident lawyers at Era Law Firm in Los Angeles County.

Truck accident with a car on the road

What Causes a Truck Accident?

Just like with automobile accidents, there are numerous reasons that a truck accident may occur. Some of these are the same as car accidents such as speeding, poor weather, reckless or aggressive driving, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, the involvement of a semi or tractor-trailer may also add other causes of an accident that would not happen with smaller vehicles. These include:

  • Driver fatigue – While all drivers may eventually get tired from the long drives, truck drivers are paid to drive their trucks for long periods of time. If they do not take adequate breaks or decide to drive for longer than their shifts allow (which is against the rules), then driver fatigue becomes a real and dangerous problem.
  • Overloaded trucks – When there is more product in or on the truck than it can handle, it can have serious repercussions. There are certain weight limits that must be followed based on the type of truck, but if these limits are ignored, it can result in a severe accident.
  • Poorly loaded trucks – Even if the weight limit is followed, a poorly loaded truck can be just as dangerous. Not using the correct type of straps, not securing them well enough, or haphazardly loading the trailer can all be reasons for a truck to be unsteady. When the driver takes a turn or goes up a hill, an improperly loaded truck may lose some of its cargo leading to an accident.
  • Improper vehicle maintenance – Every truck driver is responsible for the care and maintenance of his truck. This means making sure that everything is functioning properly and has been serviced according to industry standards. They also must check their trucks prior to leaving with their cargo or picking up their cargo to ensure a safe journey for everyone on the road. Ignoring these requirements can result in an accident and serious injuries.
  • Bad weather – No one can help the weather, but truck drivers must choose if they should venture out into bad weather conditions so that they do not miss their deadlines. Severe storms, snow, ice, and other serious weather conditions may make the road extremely dangerous, and those truck drivers who opt to travel may cause an accident because of the weather.

No matter what the reason may be for your accident, if you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you deserve to fight for compensation. Contact our experienced truck accident lawyer at Era Law Firm to discuss your case.

Our Recent Truck Accident Case Settlements

Client InitialsD.S.Truck Accident$412,749Settlement Amount
Client InitialsH.M.Truck Accident$631,256Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.K.Truck Accident$231,405Settlement Amount

What Type of Truck Accidents Do We Deal with?

The circumstances of a truck accident vary from case to case, but our Los Angeles County personal injury lawyers have handled some common types of truck accidents involving semis, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, big rigs, delivery trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, tankers, tow trucks, and commercial trucks. These types of accidents include:

  • Jackknife
  • Underride (when a vehicle ends up lodged underneath of a truck)
  • Unsecured cargo
  • Roll-over
  • Blind spot
  • Tire blowout
  • Wide turn
  • Rear end

Because trucks are so much bigger than other vehicles on the road, the accidents they cause can have the most devastating effects, regardless of the type of truck accident. Having the right truck accident lawyer to assess and dissect your case can be the difference between settling or getting your deserved compensation.

The Importance of Seeking A Truck Accident Lawyer 

When you have been involved in an auto accident of any kind and sustained injuries, it is important that you seek the legal counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer. In the case of a trucking accident, hiring a skilled truck accident lawyer is exponentially important. Trucking companies are regulated by sets of federal and state laws, and these regulations detail issues concerning the drivers, the vehicles, and the companies themselves. 

To properly fight for compensation for your injuries and losses, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer who understands these regulations and is willing to stand up for your best interests against the corporate insurance companies looking to avoid paying out your claim. Choosing to represent yourself is a serious risk that could end up with you receiving no compensation for injuries and losses that you did not cause.