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Whether you are out taking your dog for a walk to the local park, jogging through your neighborhood, or even walking to the local grocery store, being a pedestrian means that you do not have the same kind of protection around you that motorists have in their vehicles during an impact. When two vehicles collide, the airbags may deploy, seat belts prevent drivers and passengers from being flung around, and the vehicle itself absorbs some of the impact. There is still the obvious possibility for extremely serious injuries or even death to occur during auto accidents, but at least drivers and passengers have some type of protection from another vehicle, the ground, or the surrounding environment. Pedestrians are not quite so fortunate in pedestrian accidents.
As a pedestrian, there is no metal barrier between your body and another vehicle nor are there any safety elements that can deploy to protect you. Your body will take the entirety of the impact, and the resulting injuries can be devastating and life-altering. During a collision with a vehicle, a pedestrian can be severely injured or killed, even when a car is only moving 10 miles per hour (a speed that would only result in a minor fender bender between two cars). It is critical that those who have been involved in a pedestrian accident seek the legal counsel of experienced pedestrian accident lawyers who are willing to fight for justice and compensation on behalf of the injured pedestrian or his family.

What Constitutes a Pedestrian Accident?

An individual is considered a pedestrian if they are walking, running, hiking, sitting, or lying down along a road. When crossing a street, they are required by law to use crosswalks (if available) and to wait until the crossing signal allows them to safely walk across. A pedestrian accident occurs when a walking individual is struck by any type of motorized vehicle. This can include anything with a motor or wheels such as cars, trucks, SUVs, golf carts, motorcycles, bikes, and even electric scooters.
While pedestrian accidents are much more common in larger cities with higher, more dense populations, it is not unheard of to happen in smaller cities as well. The United States Department of Transportation has attempted to fight against these kinds of accidents by implementing programs such as Everyone is a Pedestrian, but accidents still happen and thousands are killed every year in pedestrian accidents. If you’ve experienced a situation like this it’s important that you or your family contact pedestrian accident lawyers to help assess your case.

What Causes a Pedestrian Accident?

Many of the reasons that auto accidents happen are also responsible for causing pedestrian accidents. Some of these common causes include:
It is usually the locations of these accidents that may change. Crosswalks require drivers to yield to pedestrians who are crossing at the appropriate times as they now have the right-of-way, but aggressive or distracted drivers may ignore the crosswalk and collide with a pedestrian. In parking lots, there are usually no defined walkways which can create a bit of chaos, especially when the lot is full and busy. Additionally, there is a limited range of vision in many lots, and those pedestrians walking behind cars may be struck by drivers who legitimately did not see them coming. Finally, sidewalks are generally considered the safest place for pedestrians to travel, but accidents may occur when drivers are driving under the influence of a controlled substance, are distracted, or are not paying attention. If you’re unsure if your case qualifies for compensation, contact our pedestrian accident lawyers in Los Angeles County for a free case evaluation.

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Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

It is most common in pedestrian accidents for the pedestrian to sustain serious, often fatal, injuries to various parts of their bodies. In general, the lower extremities are the ones that are impacted first which would account for trauma to ligaments and muscles, broken bones throughout the legs and pelvis, and lacerations.
After the initial impact, the second area to be affected is the neck, face, and head which all tend to gravitate toward the windshield or hood. Many pedestrians will suffer injuries to these areas including shoulder displacement, vertebrae injuries, neck trauma, jaw fractures, skulls damage, concussions, and lacerations.
Finally, the last area to be impacted during a pedestrian accident is the upper extremities if the individual lands on the hood of the vehicle or is thrown over it. A person’s arms, wrists, hands, abdominal area, and chest. The severity of these injuries can vary anywhere from scratches and abrasions to broken ribs and compound fractures. The more serious the injury, the higher the potential compensation our pedestrian accident lawyers can help you receive.

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