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Northern California Fires

Northern California Wildfire Lawyer

Any northern California wildfire lawyer will be all too familiar with the disastrous impacts a California wildfire can cause. The reality of most fire cases is that there will be little that the homeowner can recover. Losing property and personal belongings is hard enough—you shouldn’t have to contend with your insurance company to reach an equitable settlement.
When insurance companies deny compensation to homeowners who file a claim for property damage due to fire, a northern California wildfire damage attorney can offer representation on their behalf. Wildfire litigation may be the last thing on the minds of homeowners who recently suffered significant losses, but if an insurer refuses to make a reasonable offer, it may become necessary for relief.
The unfortunate circumstance is that some insurance agencies try to bend policies to avoid payouts. Even when an insurer does not have malicious intent, they might still make a low offer that will not cover the cost to restore all of the fire damage. Law firms like Era Law, Inc. can help you make a compelling case to seek maximum compensation for your loss.
If you feel stuck between your damaged property and your insurance company, consider speaking with a northern California fire attorney at our offices about your options.

Smoke, Soot, and Ash Damages from Wildfires

If you’ve suffered damage to your property from fires in Santa Rosa, San Diego, or the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll know how complex fire claims can get. Even if the flames of the wildfire never touched your property, your home could still sustain damage from smoke, soot, and ash that resulted from the fire.
While this kind of damage might not seem as detrimental as direct contact with flames, if left unattended, smoke, soot, and ash damages can be worse. With direct fire damage, at least all of the damage is visible and very apparent. That is not necessarily the case with damage caused by the byproducts of a fire.
In instances where a property sustains damage from ash, soot, or smoke from a wildfire, some of the damage might be visible, but you won’t be able to see all of it. This hidden damage is dangerous because it could have adverse effects on your health. That’s why it’s necessary to have a property inspection when you file a claim for damage from soot, smoke, or ash.
The inspector is responsible for locating all of the damage in your home. That means they need to conduct a thorough inspection of your property to relay the damage to your insurance adjuster. The adjuster then considers the damage before determining the amount of your settlement offer. However, the adjuster’s authorized vendor for the inspection may not always be as qualified or thorough in their investigation as you might like.

Steps To Take Before Hiring Northern California Fire Damage Attorney

If you have issues with your insurer’s authorized vendor or the quality of their inspection of your property’s damage, your first step should be to speak with your insurance company. In some cases, if you present concerns that the vendor didn’t find all of the damage caused by soot, smoke, and ash, your adjuster may allow another inspection from a different company.
Unfortunately, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule with most insurance agencies. Suppose your insurance company denies coverage for a second opinion or offers a settlement that will not cover the expenses to restore your property to pre-loss condition. In that case, you should consider hiring a northern California wildfire lawyer.
Before contacting any law offices, you should always make sure that you document any damage that you can. Additionally, gather any evidence that you have of the affected areas before the smoke, soot, and ash damage happened.
Some companies may recommend cleaning some items to restore them to pre-loss condition. In cases of cleaning, assess the items carefully after cleaning to ensure that the condition satisfies you. If the cleaned object is not satisfactory, be sure to claim the value of the item’s replacement and the cost of cleaning the original item.

Damage Claims After Wildfires in Northern California

If your property sustains damage from wildfire byproducts of smoke, soot, and ash, there may be more damage than you initially think. The roof of your property can have damage from embers carried to your property from nearby fires. Dehydration from overexposure to heat might cause cracks in concrete structures, too.
Homeowners who have gardens and significant plant life on their property may notice plant suffocation from ash and soot. The heat from nearby flames may also warp windows and damage walls even if the fire never touches the property.
The soot, ash, and smoke can also invade your property and cause damage to porous materials that can retain the odor of smoke. Additionally, personal items like clothes, rugs, art, and upholstery can become discolored from the fire’s byproducts.
Moreover, critical components within your property might also sustain damage, like the outdoor condensing unit of your heating and cooling system as well as the attached ductwork. Ash can also collect within pipes of your plumbing, which becomes dense and prevents proper water flow that can eventually cause even more severe damage.

Northern California Fire and Smoke Damage Lawsuits Settled

Era Law, Inc. provided representation for clients in Butte County fire claims and other clients affected by North Bay Fires. With a history of success in cases with clients affected by fires, a northern California wildfire lawyer from Era Law, Inc. can help you to seek the best possible outcome for your fire claim.
We proudly represent clients who are victims of fire damage to help them find a resolution with their insurance provider. After the devastating aftermath of loss due to fire, you shouldn’t have to fight with insurance agencies for compensation. That’s why we fight for you in your time of need.
Often in claims like this, insurance companies simply don’t want to extend the coverage necessary to restore damaged properties because it can be extremely costly. When you work with a northern California wildfire lawyer from Era Law, Inc., you can be sure that we work hard to hold your insurer accountable for fair compensation.


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Fire And Smoke Damages
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Seek Maximum Compensation by Hiring an Experienced Northern California Fire Lawyer

he law offices of Era Law, Inc. assist many clients with disputed claims for fire damage, but we can also provide representation for various other cases. Our lawyers can also represent clients in claims of wrongful death as well as personal injury cases of vehicle and pedestrian accidents.
No matter what case you bring forward to Era Law, Inc. for representation, we commit ourselves to help you seek maximum recovery. We also believe that each client deserves individual personal attention, and we strive to provide representation that our clients can trust. By understanding our clients, we can better understand their loss, leading to breakthroughs in a case.
If your property sustained damages from wildfires in northern California, contact our offices today. We offer free consultations for our clients, and with no upfront cost, you only pay for our representation when we help you reach a settlement.
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