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At Era Law, we work with clients all over northern and southern California seeking legal representation in cases of personal injury, property damages, wildfire damage claims, and bad faith insurance. You can trust that we put our years of experience and knowledge to the test when handling various cases.

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If your insurer is refusing to pay for damages on your insurance claim or is acting in bad faith, our law firm can provide representation in your case. Disputing with your insurance agency over your homeowner’s insurance policy can be exhausting. After suffering damages to your home, you shouldn’t have to deal with a frustrating insurance agency, too.

Fire, Smoke, Ash, and Soot Damages

House on fire

California residents who suffered damage from smoke, soot, and ash from wildfires can rely on Era Law, Inc. for representation. In many of these cases, insurance agencies might authorize vendors who do not have the right qualifications or perform subpar inspections resulting in a low settlement offer.

If the insurer’s vendor does not conduct a thorough inspection, you could end up covering repairs to the wildfire damage out of your pocket. In the event of smoke, ash, or soot damage, you should be cautious when accepting settlement offers for repairs before you research repair costs to ensure your settlement is enough for coverage.

Client InitialsH.L.Fire And Smoke Damages$23,457Settlement Amount
Client InitialsR.D.Fire And Smoke Damages$26,642Settlement Amount
Client InitialsP.M.Fire And Smoke Damages$41,318Settlement Amount
Client InitialsJ.S.Fire And Smoke Damages$33,768Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.A.Fire And Smoke Damages$20,704Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.K.Fire And Smoke Damages$22,870Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.S.Fire And Smoke Damages$43,481Settlement Amount
Client InitialsV.A.Fire And Smoke Damages$25,705Settlement Amount
Client InitialsE.M.Fire And Smoke Damages$28,395Settlement Amount
Client InitialsT.C.Fire And Smoke Damages$34,131Settlement Amount
Client InitialsN.T.Fire And Smoke Damages$32,401Settlement Amount
Client InitialsS.G.Fire And Smoke Damages$30,874Settlement Amount

These types of disputes with insurance companies can be a hassle for you because the cost of coverage for repair is typically very high. As a result, insurance companies often do not want to pay out compensation in full and occasionally offer low settlements to minimize their own loss.

Era Law, Inc. can also help you seek reimbursement for your property’s secondary inspections when your insurance company refuses requests for another opinion on the damage. In fire cases, the vendor that inspects your home for damage must be someone you can trust. Otherwise, you could be losing valuable settlement money that you could put toward restoration.

Water Damages & Mold

Water intrusion and water damages, resulting in the growth of black mold, are two of the more common types of property damage in California. They are also two of the more common homeowner policy claims that routinely get denied. If your insurer has denied your water damage claim or underpaid you, then you need to talk to an experienced lawyer to learn more about your options.

Insurance companies often give policyholders a low valuation of their property damage. They routinely underestimate how much it will cost to repair or replace it. Don’t sign a settlement agreement for water damage or mold if you do not believe it’s fair and accurate. Have our attorneys review your case and determine if an appraisal is needed to ensure you have the funds to rebuild or repair a structurally sound and healthy home.

Insurance Claim Denial

Insurance claim denied

When an insurance company denies a home insurance claim, a Los Angeles home insurance claim attorney from Era Law, Inc., can help you seek compensation. We fight for you with aggressive representation, plus any home insurance attorney on our team will form a unique attorney-client relationship with you to help them better understand your situation.

You also don’t have to worry about any upfront fees when you work with Era Law, Inc. for representation. You don’t need to pay for any of our services until you settle. 

Bad Faith Insurance

Our law offices also handle cases of bad faith insurance. These are instances where the insurance company fails to uphold its obligation to you as the insured. When you work with an Era Law, Inc. home insurance lawyer, we can represent you in times when your insurance agency becomes unreasonable.

It’s essential to work with homeowners insurance lawyers in these types of situations. Insurance companies know that many claimants will not want to deal with the frustrations of minimized or delayed claims. A Los Angeles home insurance claim attorney can help you when seeking accountability on the part of your insurer.

Your insurer could be acting in bad faith if:

  • They are not truthful or transparent about matters related to your claim.
  • They do not provide copies of requested documents related to your claim.
  • They expect unreasonable proof of your loss.
  • They require you to hire a specific contractor to conduct the repairs on your home.
  • They make a lowball settlement offer that will not cover the extent of the damages to your home.
  • They disregard specific evidence when calculating a settlement offer.
  • They do not conduct an investigation that is independent and reasonable. 

Your Protections as a California Property Insurance Policy Holder

Luckily, California has some of the most strict protections for property insurance policyholders in the United States. However, these protections may not be immediately apparent to those policyholders. Any Los Angeles home insurance claim attorney that practices with Era Law, Inc. can help you better understand your protections and use those protections to help you seek compensation. 

Under California law, insurance agencies have deadlines by which they must respond to your correspondence of emails, phone calls, and letters. Strict deadlines also exist for payment or denial of a claim as well as submitting paperwork to prove a policy covers a specific loss.

Additionally, California law protects the information that the insurance agency must provide to you concerning your claim. That means the agency must give you any pertinent information related to your case. Be aware that the agency has the same protections as you and that you also have deadlines to follow. 

These are only a few protections covered in the state law of California. If you are having difficulties with your insurance agency over damages to your property, Era Law, Inc. can review your policy to ensure the insurer abides by these protective laws.

Era Law, Inc.

If your insurance agency tried to deny your claim based on technicalities in your policy, call Era Law, Inc. We can review your policy for loopholes that the insurance company may use against you as well as loopholes that might afford you coverage. We’ll then request documents from your insurer about your claim. The insurance company must legally provide these documents within a specified timeframe.  

Based on the information that we find in your policy and the documents created by your insurance company, we will decide if your insurer’s denial was just. If there was no proper reason for denying your claim, we can use the policy’s weaknesses against the company to explain why it should compensate you for your loss.

There’s no need to deal with the frustrations of insurance disputes alone. You can contact Era Law, Inc. today for free consultations regarding your claim and policy.