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Property Damage

Property Damage Lawyer

At Era Law, Inc, we focus on a number of areas in personal injury, property damage, fire loss or damage, a bad faith insurance law. Our staff has experience helping victims and families recover financially by seeking maximum compensation for losses.

Northern California Fires

Any northern California wildfire lawyer will be all too familiar with the disastrous impacts a California wildfire can cause. The reality of most fire cases is that there will be little that the homeowner can recover. Losing property and personal belongings...

California Wildfires

California, while home to millions of proud residents, regularly undergoes extreme conditions of high temperatures and humidity. These conditions become some of the causes of California wildfires. Veteran residents are no strangers to wildfires..

Loss Angeles Fires

The California wildfires are known throughout the world for their persistency and destruction. The scorching hot temperatures of LA County makes it prone to many of these fires every year. In 2020 alone, hundreds of thousands of acres....

Fire Related Damage Claims


Property Damage

Property damage is an expensive issue that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. In most instances, your insurance should cover the repair costs, but it’s often more complicated than it sounds. You may run into issues with your insurer,..

Home Insurance Claims

At Era Law, we work with clients all over northern and southern California seeking legal representation in cases of personal injury, property damages, wildfire damage claims, and bad faith insurance. You can trust that we put our years of experience ..

Insurance Claims

No one wants to encounter the worst-case-scenario in reality, but what’s even worse is to face the worst situation without a contingency. This philosophy stands at the heart of why we purchase insurance—to have something to protect us if the worst..

Bad Faith Insurance