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For some people, driving a motor vehicle is simply a convenient way of getting from one place to another in an efficient manner. For other drivers, though, the feel of the road is something to be savored and enjoyed with each outing. Some of these drivers have opted to operate a motorcycle because of the exhilaration they feel being out in the open while driving. They can more easily feel connected to the road and enjoy the freedom of driving without the restrictive design of a car around them. 

However, these benefits also come with dangers that can sometimes not be avoided. Motorcyclists take the risk of riding alongside other motor vehicles, and the drivers of those cars, trucks, and SUVs may not always see the motorcyclist or give the motorcycle the space it deserves on the road. When an accident occurs which involves a motorcycle, the injuries and losses sustained by the motorcyclist are often quite severe. These motorcyclists deserve to fight for compensation for their injuries, and the best way to ensure your interests are considered in this legal battle is to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles County such as our team at Era Law Firm.

Motorcycle Accident

Why Should You Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer as Soon as Possible?

When it comes to the vehicles on the road, motorcycles are the ones with the highest risk of serious injury or death for its operators. They are exposed and vulnerable with no outside protection surrounding the driver in case an accident occurs. Cars have airbags and other special safety features that activate upon impact. For a motorcycle, the only things that stand between the motorcyclist and the rest of the world are the clothes and helmet he or she is wearing. An accident can result in severe injuries to the rider.

Unfortunately, there is a common stigma against motorcyclists which makes other drivers believe that a motorcyclist will always be at fault for an accident. They are erroneously portrayed as reckless thrill-seekers rather than law-abiding commuters, and it is this stereotype which makes pursuing a personal injury case all the more difficult, especially for those without legal training. Handling a motorcycle case requires specialized handling and a delicate touch, and our motorcycle accident lawyer department at Era Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to fight for your best interests as an injured motorcyclist.

Our Recent Motorcycle Accident Case Settlements

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

As the driver of a motorcycle, you have no protection between you and the road or other vehicles except for your clothing and helmet. If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, especially a car or truck that vastly outweighs your motorcycle, you can be severely injured since there is nothing around you to protect your body or absorb any of the impact. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries our legal team has seen in our personal injury cases include:

  • Road rash – Because you are fully exposed on a motorcycle, your largest organ (your skin) may get seriously injured in an accident as it scrapes along the road. Road rash can vary in severity (first, second, and third degree), and the best way to prevent the worst road rash is to wear protective gear designed to take on the harshness of the road in the event of an accident.
  • Broken bones – During an accident, it is common for motorcyclists to sustain broken femurs, shins, ankles, and bones in the hands and arms due to bracing for the impact and protecting the head and neck. While still painful, these injuries are often less severe than an injury to the head, neck, or spine.
  • Head injuries – Whether it is just a serious headache or you have sustained a traumatic brain injury, trauma that affects your head should not be taken lightly since it can have long-lasting effects for years to come. Wearing a helmet is required by law in the state of California because doing so can help to prevent the most serious head injuries during an accident.
  • Spine injuries – In the most severe types of accidents, the spinal cord can be damaged which may result in quadriplegia or complete paralysis. In other cases, depending on the location and severity of the injury, the spinal cord can be affected less seriously but still causing pain.
  • Neck injuries – When it comes to your neck, it is one part of the body which tends to be fully exposed while riding. Due to the weight of the helmet pushing down on your neck and the force exerted on you during a crash, the severity of a neck injury can vary greatly.
  • Back injuries – In addition to spinal cord injuries, other areas of your back can sustain further injuries including bruising, scrapes, broken ribs, and complications from the rib injuries. Much of the damage to your back can leave you unable to move easily or at all. Your back supports the rest of the body, so when it is injured it needs to be taken care of immediately.
  • Muscle and nerve damage – Your muscles and nerves can also sustain injuries such as sprains, strains, and tears. While many of these are less severe than other types of injuries, they still may require medical attention and long-lasting physical therapy to fully heal.

The severity of the injuries will vary from person to person, and you could sustain other injuries as well. Even when you are taking precautions such as wearing the proper gear and helmet and driving as safely as possible, motorcyclists often incur serious injuries due to the negligence or aggression of other drivers on the road. If you have been involved in an accident, contact our motorcycle accident lawyer at Era Law Firm to discuss your case and to begin fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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