Case Results

Over the last two years Era Law, Inc, has helped many personal injury accident clients win maximum compensation to help them out financially. Putting your case in the hands of experts will help put you at ease and allow you to focus on recovering with your family. Below are examples of some recent case results.

Client InitialsN.S.Slip and Fall Accident$225,841Settlement Amount
Client InitialsC.L.Brain Injury Accident$956,725Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.K.Fire And Smoke Damages$22,870Settlement Amount
Client InitialsT.A.Uber and Lyft Accident$1,134,328Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.K.Truck Accident$231,405Settlement Amount
Client InitialsE.I.Uber and Lyft Accident$495,138Settlement Amount
Client InitialsO.GPedestrian Accident$753,283Settlement Amount
Client InitialsN.H.Motorcycle Accident$622,498Settlement Amount
Client InitialsT.G.Motorcycle Accident$437,369Settlement Amount
Client InitialsS.B.Pedestrian Accident$1,372,320Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.C.Bus Accident$423,319Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.S.Fire And Smoke Damages$43,481Settlement Amount
Client InitialsT.C.Fire And Smoke Damages$34,131Settlement Amount
Client InitialsJ.M.Bicycle Accidents$225,124Settlement Amount
Client InitialsP.S.Pedestrian Accident$625,638Settlement Amount
Client InitialsV.A.Car Accident$525,705Settlement Amount
Client InitialsD.S.Truck Accident$412,749Settlement Amount
Client InitialsN.T.Fire And Smoke Damages$32,401Settlement Amount
Client InitialsS.G.Fire And Smoke Damages$30,874Settlement Amount
Client InitialsP.M.Bus Accident$520,329Settlement Amount
Client InitialsE.M.Fire And Smoke Damages$28,395Settlement Amount
Client InitialsH.M.Truck Accident$631,256Settlement Amount
Client InitialsV.S.Motorcycle Accident$345,213Settlement Amount
Client InitialsJ.S.Fire And Smoke Damages$33,768Settlement Amount
Client InitialsP.H.Bicycle Accidents$180,631Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.J.Slip and Fall Accident$433,412Settlement Amount
Client InitialsS.A.Bus Accident$375,501Settlement Amount
Client InitialsS.R.Brain Injury Accident$837,548Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.D.Car Accident$738,231Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.S.Uber and Lyft Accident$642.961Settlement Amount
Client InitialsV.A.Fire And Smoke Damages$25,705Settlement Amount
Client InitialsV.K.Slip and Fall Accident$353,265Settlement Amount
Client InitialsR.D.Fire And Smoke Damages$26,642Settlement Amount
Client InitialsH.L.Fire And Smoke Damages$23,457Settlement Amount
Client InitialsP.M.Fire And Smoke Damages$41,318Settlement Amount
Client InitialsA.A.Fire And Smoke Damages$20,704Settlement Amount
Client InitialsL.H.Brain Injury Accident$1,618,473Settlement Amount
Client InitialsD.A.Car Accident$1,282,346Settlement Amount
Client InitialsH.D.Bicycle Accidents$330,411Settlement Amount

Disclaimer: Any case results found on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Era Law, Inc. does not guarantee case results. Any case results listed on this website are solely for informational purposes. Every case is circumstantial.